hi folks, dnash here!!!

     it’s been a while, and i know all of you have been through a lot in the past year and a half.  i hope that you are all safe and have been surviving the pandemic in acceptable fashion.  my deepest sympathies go out to those who have experienced loss in this time, and my prayers are with you all.

     as you can imagine, a lot has been going on with Teeth By Dnash and my other projects during this “downtime”.  i’m finally back up and running at full steam, and Halloween 2021 is ON.


from july 27-august 12, i plan to be traveling to the northeast.  these dates are tentative based on bookings.

july 28  / Youngstown, OH
july 30 – aug 1 / Philadelphia, PA
aug 3-4 / Bridgeport, CT
aug 7-8, Boston, MA
aug 12 – Chicago, IL

     monday morning is my cutoff to confirm these locations with enough clients to justify the trip or the individual stops.  i already have a number of bookings, but if i don’t reach the minimum needed for the trip, i will have to either reschedule till the autum, or possibly until next year.  this is be my only trip to the northeast before halloween.

     if you are looking to be fitted at any of these locations, please email me at dnash@dnash.com by monday morning so i can get a final head count.


     i plan to be heading south from minnesota, down to texas, and over to the rockies in september.  i do not have firm dates yet as they will be dictated by how many people book in each location.  to get on the list for any of the following cities, please email me so i can get your info.

Kansas City, KS
Oklahoma City, OK
Dallas/Ft Worth, TX
Waco, TX
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Albuquerque, NM
Denver, CO
Minneapolis, MN


     as it stands, i am still up in the air about Halloween.  i have chosen to no longer participate in Endless Night events, and i’m torn between staying local in minnesota, as we have a MASSIVE halloween season in Anoka, or heading back down to Texas where i have been invited to be part of a celebration in Waco.  whatever the case, i’ll have more detailed info in the next month, including possible stops in Louisiana and Florida.  either way, i’m sure this year is going to be HUGE for everybody, and. i can’t wait to help as many of you as possible get geared up for the big night.


     this year, my two mailorder cutoffs are as follows:

     Aug 1 to order without rush charges in order to receive your fangs by Halloween.

     September 15 to order your fangs with rush charges to receive your fangs by Halloween.

     due to ongoing backlogs at dental facilities for non-emergency proceedures, i am making exceptions for those who cannot get to the dentist in time to beat the rush order deadline.  if you pay in full by Aug 1, you will have until september 1 to get me your moulds.

     ALSO this year, i am featuring for the first time the ability to mould yourself without a visit to the dentist.  there is an additional charge for lab work to create your moulds, and you will need to have a zoom appointment with me to match your colour, but this. is a long asked for option that i began to offer during the pandemic.  additional charges apply, but in many cases may be less expensive than your dentist.  email me with any questions you may have.


     as many. of you know, i relocated to minnesota in 2019.  if you happen find yourself in the neighbourhood, you are welcome to book an in-person appointment with me at my private studio, Le Salon Des Coquins.

     not only is my fang studio located here, but i FINALLY built my dream recording studio.  several decades of dnash music is currently being recording and prepared for sharing.  i know it’s taken forever to get the material to you, but. i wanted it done right, and i finally have the tools to do so.  more details in a following update 🙂


     too many people have been adversely affected by the virus that has swept the planet, and the social changes that have followed.  in the earliest days of the pandemic, i reached out to my colleagues in the industry and suggested we all stop for a while until we understood what was happening.  most of us did.  some did not.  many of us followed the rules and stayed put.  some did not, and bounced around the country willy nilly, defying lockdowns, and chasing stimulus cheques.  i have always been suspicious of artists who put themselves before their clients.

     before the pandemic, i was the only fang maker i was aware of whose entire range of tools was disposable. i was pushing the notion of eliminating cross contamination to others in the business long before it became a deadly imperative.  to this day, there are others in the field who have still not met this basic standard.  please be aware of the safety protocols of any artist you may commission services from, be they from this or any other discipline of body modification.  

     it is for this reason i have been slow to return to the road, limiting my engagements, and why for the near future i will be focusing more heavily on mail order.  your and my health comes first, as it always has at Teeth By Dnash.   


     for those of you who have been a member of this list for a long time, you will see that this is THE most fancy schmancy dnewsletter i’ve ever put out.  this is just the harbinger of things to come.  that being said, if any of you are experiencing and trouble with the formatting, PLEASE report those bugs to me.

     that being said, many of you have also heard me talking about “the new website” for as long as you’ve been getting this dnewsletter.  well, your patience has paid off.  the new site is currently being debugged, and will be live next week.  it was a true labour of love, but i think you’re all going to love it.  ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to find anything on it while using a cell phone.  the last major update was in 2012, and cell phones were only just beginning to take over as the number one web viewing platform.  as lovely as “word of mouth” is as an advertising source, it’s definitely time to reach out in a new, more modern way.  i’ll let you know as soon as the doors open 🙂

WHY AM I ON THIS MAILING LIST (you may ask)???

     you have been added to my mailing list in one of three ways; you have visited on of my websites and signed up yourself, you are a client and provided me with your email on your waiver form, or we have had email correspondence regarding my fang art, music, or other concerns and I have added you out of the greediness of my heart. if you have been added by any other means or by error, i do apologize.

     please be assured that i neither sell nor share the members of this list with anybody. it’s sole use is for me to share with my artistic endeavours with you. i have no corporate sponsorship, only YOU. thank you for keeping this independant artist alive for the past two and a half decades. i am forever in your debt.

     if you no longer wish to receive emails from me, please use the unsubscribe methods below.


     as i said before, “word of mouth” has always been my favorite method of advertising, and i want to remind everybody of my ongoing customer loyalty program. for every 10 clients you turn on to Teeth By Dnash, you get a free pair of teeth. it’s that easy. all you have to do is refer somebody to me and have them provide me with your email address and voila! once I have the new user side of the site set up, registered users can even have their own individualized coupon codes that they can share with people. tweeting ‪#‎fangtour‬ will help get out the word as well.

as always, THANK YOU!!!

     2020 was officially my 25th year making fangs.  i had a lot of plans.  like everybody else, those plans came to a screeching halt.  nonetheless, we carry on, and could not have done so without all of you.

     i am an artist.  that’s all i know.  creation.  blessed are those artists who are able to commit themselves to their craft, and find themselves in fodd, shelter, and safety at the end of the day.  i would not be here without every one of you.

i truly love you all, and i can’t wait to see you at some point out there, even if it’s just to have a pint and laugh at our past follies.

please remember that in times of great stress and upheaval, the kindness and support of others is the greatest gift we can receive, and the greatest gift we can give.

as the chorus of the opening track of the album i’m about to hit you with goes, “we’re in this thing together, and if i’m going to make it through, i’m going to make it there with you”.

whether you like it or not, lol.

best regards,