it appears my last two emailings didn’t send to everybody, so i’m condensing them into this third try.  if you got both, then i’m sorry for the duplicates.  #Technology.

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i will be visiting florida for the next week on “unofficial” business, but have a couple of days off.  i’ve arranged with my good friend Ande at Nocturnal Studio and Gallery in Gulfport, to book fittings on monday and tueasday.  there are still time slots available if you need some new fangs, or get your old ones serviced.  details of the event can also be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/806804931079209 .

i am booking by appointment only, so please email me at dnash@dnash.com if you are interested.


i will also be fanging at Caledonia Brewing on sunday evening in Dunedin.  event details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2040877882965675 , but if you’d like to guarantee a fitting, please book with me directly via email



i have, for the most part, retired from touring with fangs.  i am working full time in music production now, and my ability to take huge swathes of time off to travel the earth is somewhat constrained.  HOWEVER, i will be here and there on bussiness or pleasure, and promise to bring my kit along.  i will certainly keep you up to date on those potential events.

currently, the only fitting plans i have on the road are:

North Carolina, September 2023

i have not ruled out traveling in october for a limited cities run, but the odd are i will be staying local again and focusing on mail order.

if you have any interest in booking one of what will likely be very limited appointments, please email me at dnash@dnash.com so i can get a head count.


as mentioned above, mail order is the most expedient way to get fitted for fangs.  due to my limited travel, there will be no more tour blackout dates for the foreseeable future.  the usual Halloween rules are still in effect however.

for guaranteed delivery by Halloween, the rush order cutoff (after which rush charges apply), is september 1.  all orders to be filled by Halloween must be recieved by october 1, unless prior arrangements have been made.

for those of you who miss those cutoffs, but don’t mind taking a chance or waiting till shortly after halloween for their fang, those charges and cutoffs will not apply.

WHY AM I ON THIS MAILING LIST (you may ask)???

you have been added to my mailing list in one of three ways; you have visited on of my websites and signed up yourself, you are a client and provided me with your email on your waiver form, or we have had email correspondence regarding my fang art, music, or other concerns and I have added you out of the greediness of my heart. if you have been added by any other means or by error, i do apologize.

please be assured that i neither sell nor share the members of this list with anybody. it’s sole use is for me to share with my artistic endeavours with you. i have no corporate sponsorship, only YOU. thank you for keeping this independant artist alive for the past two and a half decades. i am forever in your debt.

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as i’ve said before, “word of mouth” has always been my favorite method of advertising, and i want to remind everybody of my ongoing customer loyalty program. for every 10 clients you turn on to Teeth By Dnash, you get a free pair of teeth. it’s that easy. all you have to do is refer somebody to me and have them provide me with your email address and voila! once I have the new user side of the site set up, registered users can even have their own individualized coupon codes that they can share with people. tweeting ‪#‎fangtour‬ will help get out the word as well.

as always, THANK YOU!!!

honestly, i wouldn’t be here without you.  it’s the dream of an artist to survive on their talents and skills, but it takes benefactors and patrons to do so, and i literally own you all my life.

thank you!!!!

best regards,