this will be a short letter, but it’s time sensitive and has a log awaited update!! 🙂

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   YES.  FINALLY.  IT’S HERE.  https://teethbydnash.com

   i know, i’ve been promising for years, but the new site finally went live last week.

   i won’t go into the amazing PITA it was to birth this thing, but suffice it to say i am very happy with the end result.  i hope you are too.

   please feel free to take a gander, maybe hit the like button and share it around.  if you’d like to be featured in the new rogue’s gallery, email me a pic in your fangs and i’ll get it up ASAP.

  if you happen to find any irregularities or problems with the site, please let me know.  i did my best to make it as cross platform as possible, but i’ve found a couple of anomalies, and i’d be interested to see if they show up for you as well.


i don’t have firm dates yet as they will rely on interest, but the location will run in this order, and if the tour DOES happen, it will end up in Waco, TX for halloween.

if you have any interest in getting fitted, please let me know ASAP.  i will be deciding at the end of this week if the tour is a go or not.

Chicago, IL
Saint Louis, MO
Kansas City, KS
Denver, CO
San Antonio, TX
Austin, TX
Waco, TX

please email me at dnash@dnash.com so i can get a head count.


if the tour ends up not happening, i may open up mail order for one more week.  if you are interested in THAT option, please let me know ASAP as well.

if i end up with more interest in THAT option, that’s the way i’ll go.

WHY AM I ON THIS MAILING LIST (you may ask)???

you have been added to my mailing list in one of three ways; you have visited on of my websites and signed up yourself, you are a client and provided me with your email on your waiver form, or we have had email correspondence regarding my fang art, music, or other concerns and I have added you out of the greediness of my heart. if you have been added by any other means or by error, i do apologize.

please be assured that i neither sell nor share the members of this list with anybody. it’s sole use is for me to share with my artistic endeavours with you. i have no corporate sponsorship, only YOU. thank you for keeping this independant artist alive for the past two and a half decades. i am forever in your debt.

if you no longer wish to receive emails from me, please use the unsubscribe methods below.


   as i’ve said before, “word of mouth” has always been my favorite method of advertising, and i want to remind everybody of my ongoing customer loyalty program. for every 10 clients you turn on to Teeth By Dnash, you get a free pair of teeth. it’s that easy. all you have to do is refer somebody to me and have them provide me with your email address and voila! once I have the new user side of the site set up, registered users can even have their own individualized coupon codes that they can share with people. tweeting ‪#‎fangtour‬ will help get out the word as well.

as always, THANK YOU!!!

honestly, i wouldn’t be here without you.  it’s the dream of an artist to survive on their talents and skills, but it takes benefactors and patrons to do so, and i literally own you all my life.

thank you!!!!

best regards,